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The CCBUG Team

A little glimpse of some of the friendly faces of our  Committee & Ride Leaders 




As a teenager in the 1970's (yes, I'm that old) I got my first new bicycle - an orange Malvern Star with 3 speed internal hub gears and a dynamo light. It was very "cool" and was my first freedom machine! I'd cycle to the beach for a swim, to the park to play some footy, and to my mates place (who happened to have a very nice younger sister!). I can't remember a time that I haven't cycled at least once a week.

Since the early 2000's cycling has been an integral part of my life: I multi-mode commute to work (bicycle-train-bicycle); I cycle to the shops and the beach; I cycle on the weekend for exercise and for the social interaction; I lead rides to help show others the joy of riding a bicycle; and I help to run CCBUG to help improve the environment for people who ride bicycles on the Central Coast.

I believe that the bicycle is the answer to so many of our societies problems: people's physical health (obesity, diabetes, etc.); enviornmental health (use of non-renewable resources, pollution); peoples mental health (disconnected society); and so much more!




I'm Bec...aka Little Miss Quick as I love the downhill rush...

I have been cycling since 2014, am a ride leader for CCBUG and absolutely love it. ..I love that cyclists are so friendly, and I have made some awesome friends ..

I think ccbug plays an extremely important role with advocacy trying to make the roads and cycle ways safer for all cyclists.




Hey, I'm JJ. I became addicted to cycling in October 2013. Not much I can say about riding other than - if you don't want to feel good, have fun, meet really cool like minded people, laugh, get fit, see your local area in a new light, travel with friends to places far and wide, get involved in awesome community events, start the day with the sun and the breeze in your face... Then DONT ride a bike. If you want all of the above AND MORE then get on your bike NOW!!! It is awesome!!! You will love it forever ;-D



Since hopping back on a bike in 2014 I have never looked back.


Cycling has made such a significant change in my lifestyle with fitness, fun and friends.  The ability to ride an array of distances knowing the only power that you are using is your own.


With my love of cycling I joined the CCBUG.  Joining this group and going on their rides has given me the skills and confidence that is required to ride on the open roads.  I completed my ride leader's course in February 2016 so now I can lead rides and hopefully pass on my passion.


I am not able to get through a week without having a planned bike ride.

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