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CCBUG RidesAssist Rides

RidesAssist Participants

For safety reasons it will be necessary to limit ride participants to those who:

  • Can maintain their own balance whilst walking;

  • Do not have behavioural or physical problems which may endanger themselves, the tandem pilot, other riders or pedestrians whilst on the ride

  • Are between approximately 1.2m and 1.8m tall and weigh less than about 90 kgs (note: these restrictions may be modified in future).

Scheduling & Booking

Most of our rides may include RidesAssist riders, depending upon rider capability. All CCBUG official rides are added to our CCBUG calendar of rides, our Facebook page events, and included in the Bicycle NSW Rides Calendar. This duty is carried out by our Rides Coordinator on a regular basis.

Please check for the "RidesAssist = Yes" identification in the ride info.

Interested participants will need to book into the rides in advance by contacting the Ride Leader (see ride event for details), our RidesAssist Coordinator Will (on 0432691978) or our Rides Coordinator (via email to . This is required to ensure no overbooking of the tandems, and that all pre-requisites and risk warnings are noted prior to attending the ride.

Ride participants will have varying degrees of ability, with some preferring to communicate electronically (eg, email), some verbally, and some via carers or family. Preferred communication method should be determined during initial booking confirmations and used whenever possible.

Please ensure that you have read/listened and understood the ride prerequisites and risk warning information is available here:

RidesAssist Terminology

To assist in communicating with participants we have developed a simple set of terminology that our pilots/ride leaders will use during our RidesAssist rides.

In addition, the participant will be able to use the following term to request an urgent stop: Help!

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