CCBUG Cycling Kit 


CCBUG Standard Cycling Kit


For standard level kit, please contact our Clothing Coordinator via email to or via a post on our Members Facebook Page (

We do carry a small range of items in stock, and we recommend that you try it on first. Payment can be via cash to the Coordinator or eft to our bank account.

Note: If your size or option is not available, it may take a few months for the next order to arrive. We apologise for any inconvenience.

CCBUG Premium cycling kit!

Our premium level is available via our online store at Seight, offering:


- Short Sleeve Jersey    


- Long Sleeve Jersey


 - Bib Knicks 


Ordering a premium CCBUG kit is hassle free. Shop, order & purchase and its delivered to your door!


Click the blue button below to order. 


We open the store several times a year.


The password for our Seight shop is: ccbug