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How CCBUG Began....

In late 2012, two cycling commuters happened to be standing near to each other on the train platform in Hornsby, and a friendly discussion quickly turned to the topic of cycling on the NSW Central Coast. Prompted by that initial conversation, a few weeks later a handful of Central Coast cyclists got together over coffee to talk about the issues for bicycle users in the region. 


Following a series of informal gatherings the Central Coast Bicycle Users Group (CCBUG) was incorporated, and we affiliated with Bicycle NSW, in March 2013.  Wayne Mead, Alan Corven, Andrew Roach and David Gillett formed the founding committee.


The initial concept for CCBUG was to be a strong advocacy voice for all bicycle users on the NSW Central Coast, whether they cycle for sport, fitness, transport or recreation, even MTB enthusiasts. Since its inception CCBUG has also grown into a large riding and social group, both online and offline, whilst retaining our original advocacy objective as a primary focus.

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