CCBUG is the Voice for Central Coast Cyclists

CCBUG was founded to perform advocacy for people who ride bicycles on the Central Coast - it's in our DNA.

So "what is advocacy?" I hear you say.


Have you ever ridden on a shared path or bicycle lane? Or found some bicycle racks or lockers at stations or the shops? Or ridden on a mountain bike trail or a velodrome or local bmx track? Or ridden a Criterium?


Well, someone about 3 or 5 or over 10 years ago asked for it! Then they asked for it again, and made submissions, and maybe even put a business case to Council or the RMS or NSW Government. And they met with them to discuss why it should be done, and finally got some funding promised. Then a year or so later they reviewed the plans and designs and tried to suggest improvements, but not all these were included (not enough $s, out of scope, etc). And eventually it was built or installed so you can use it!


Now CCBUG only formed in 2013, so we can't claim most of our current Central Coast infrastructure. But without someone advocating for cycling infrastructure in the past we would have nothing now.


And if you want even better facilities in future, which you very much deserve, you should support those who are advocating for you now = CCBUG. Or get more involved and join our advocacy team to have a more direct say.


Ride, and enjoy the fruits of advocacy!


Interviews With Media

Interviews With Media

We often send our representatives to events to speak on behalf of all CCBUG members and all riders on the Central Coast.

Liaising with local politicians

Liaising with local politicians

Lobbying for ways to improve cycling on the Central Coast

Attending Functions

Attending Functions

We often try to attend functions or events such as a sod turning for new shared path developments...

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CCBUG was formed in 2012 to promote the use of bicycles for transport and recreation, as a means to improve quality of life and protect the environment.

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