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CCBUG Featured Riders

Catch up with some of our CCBUG riders, and hear why they love to ride...

Patrick.... aka "Flash"










                                                                 So my first serious bike was a Trek 1.2 Aluminium framed roadie & I loved it. That is until I banged it up falling over myself (& tripping over Alan Corven at the same time),  then I got a Trek Madone 3.0 which, surprise surprise I love!


My favourite riding is this time of year,  until the days shorten again, getting up on a weekend to head out at 05:30am (earlier when days break earlier), & heading from Terrigal out to & down the Old Pacific Highway. Any distance past Calga & back is fine by me.


Why? Beacause I love the serenity of it at that quiet time.... its easy to forget everything and just pedal.


I still consider myself a "green" rider, but if I had to offer advice to an absolute novice it would be to start easy & not be impatient to get up to big distances (it'll happen fairly quickly anyway depending on fitness). & go at your own pace. Never be intimidated by looking at other peoples numbers in this day & age of everything being shared... Its not a race,  (plenty of that out there if you want to though in the right environment), and the most important thing is to enjoy it.


Part of that enjoyment is challenging yourself as you get better.


With great clubs like CCBUG you'll always find another person at your level if you wish to find a cycling partner.


The organised cycling events are a great way to meet people and bring all levels of cyclist together, as well as being able to learn group riding and from others experience.



I've been riding on & off since I was 7 when there were no such things as helmets, however i got serious (for want of a better word) or more dedicated if you will, a year or two ago.


What got me serious about riding was a friend suggessting I do the 2014 Syd2Gong ride with him in August that year. At that point I was only 10-30km low paced rides on an old hybrid with a massive ride maybe getting up to 40km. So i had to set it all up and got well and truly hooked...... This of course meant a new bike lol...

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